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Any questions or queries, please feel free to get in touch with our sales staff. You can contact them by using the form or by using your preferred means of contact below:

Email: sales@kebmoclothing.com.au

Mobile: 0432 506 206

Postal: PO Box 177
Wallsend NSW 2287



Of West African descent, Kébé’s father was a tailor in Senegal and his mother a fabric trader. From the outset, his young life was steeped in colour, fabric and the elegant lines of fine tailoring. He later spent many years styling the men and women of Sydney in the fresh and exciting exotic designs in a range of elegant formal wear.

Kébé has since found a new inner peace and embraced a more laid-back life having left the hustle of Sydney to move to the relaxed vistas of Newcastle Australia. Using his knowledge of quality materials and design, and combining them with his own traditional African-inspired art and his love of music, he has shifted his focus to create Kebmo Clothing. The exciting range of t-shirts is years in the making and comes from a place deep within which is fueled by love, passion and a Style That Sings.