Ankh Symbol


The Ankh has long symbolised the flow, breath and rhythm of life. Closely linked with the Egyptian Goddess Isis, it honours the endless flow of life, shown in looping of the top, holding the connection between the womb, fertility and the seeds of life. This design is a tribute to the endless cycle of life, the mysteries of the Afterlife and the lasting symbolism held by the Ankh itself. Each elements reminds us of the divinity of the era, Isis’s wings outstretching to the Heavens, Hathor’s solar crown, RA as the sun giving life to the still enigmatic pyramids, which themselves often housed the healing powers of sound and music.

This unique design is available to be screen printed on any of our available products, including t-shirts and hoodies. For more information on available styles, colours and sizing charts, please click here. Contact to discuss options and arrange purchase.