Baobab – The Tree of Life


The Baobab is seen as central to the land and lore of Africa, and many Elders have sat beneath them, trusting the Wisdom of this ancient tree to guide their deepest choices. The mystery even travels to the Kimberly region of what is now called Australia – a single Baobab Tree sits near Derby, with no nearby native sibling. Yet again, leaving many great minds to ponder this incredible tree, as well as the possible journey it may have taken to reach such a faraway land, whether by tsunami aftermath or brought by early travells when lands connected more. However you look at this incredible Tree of Life, you will find yet another reason to marvel the secrets and nourishing beauty of the Baobab.

This unique design is available to be screen printed on any of our available products, including t-shirts and hoodies. For more information on available styles, colours and sizing charts, please click here. Contact to discuss options and arrange purchase.

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