Lion of Judah


Long renowned as a symbol of fierce freedom and strength, the Lion of Judah roars a fierce sound of sovereignty, the King of Kings in both the jungle and hierarchies of life. The Lion’s fierce power, and that of the Tribe of Judah, have long interwoven a rich tapestry that connects with many great humans over time, including Queen Sheba and King Solomon, blurring the lines many times of religious stories of these times. Proudly fronting aspects of the Rastafarian movement, it speaks of pride in culture, strength, courage and dominance over even the most ruthless enemies. In the book of Genesis, Jacob gave this symbol to the Tribe of Judah, naming his son Gur Aryeh – Young Lion – and this very same powerful icon has been utilised at different times as the Royal Insignia of Ethiopia and the Emblem of Jerusalem, confirming once more the absolute power behind the roar of this majestic maned King. 

This unique design is available to be screen printed on any of our available products, including t-shirts and hoodies. For more information on available styles, colours and sizing charts, please click here. Contact to discuss options and arrange purchase.


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