The Hand Of Fatima


This design encompasses three very powerful symbols, depicting both Om ॐ and The Eye of Horus sitting within The Hand of Fatima. All deeply renowned in their own right, bringing these elements together creates an omnipotent alignment and distinct beauty. The symbol of The Hand of Fatima has been revered over time as a protective symbol, yet also has been interpreted by scholars as a fertility symbol and linked to many religions and ancient cave paintings. Fatima’s Hand holds the Om ॐ symbol central, which is known to be the sound of the All, the one sound that speaks everything into existence, the heartsong of the Universe and consciousness itself. Although it has become very well known in the West with the rise of yoga, the Hindus have held it sacred and connect it to the Ajna energy centre, believing it holds the essence of consciousness. Resting beneath this lays an element intrinsically linked to The Hand of Fatima, but also very closely linked to the Pharaohs and temples of Egypt- The Eye that is known by many names. Bringing these three symbols together weaves together ancient wisdoms and represents the protective deities and forces that have transcended both time and religions, all with roots in the mystery of the All that the Om ॐ speaks of in just one breath.


This unique design is available to be screen printed on any of our available products, including t-shirts and hoodies. For more information on available styles, colours and sizing charts, please click here. Contact to discuss options and arrange purchase.