Make Love Not War


In the 70s, the pacifist movement depicted on posters and prints through the slogan “Make Love, Not War” dropped momentum. The war continued, but the hippies lost credibility after all the sex and drugs. John Lennon released the song “Mind Games”, the titular track from his 1973 album, with the intention of keeping the “Make Love, Not War” flame burning: Love is the answer and you know that for sure. Love is a flower, you got to let it grow. And a flower takes time to bloom. This substantial phrase was also adopted by Bob Marley in his song “No More Trouble”, also released in 1973, advocating for equality and peace. Make love and not war! Cause we don’t need no trouble. When Markley invokes love, he calls us to Help the weak if you are strong now, aligned with this concept of love as an act of selfless kindness. Approaching life with love implies a conscious decision to replace the need to win a dispute with the intention of understanding one another.

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